Tutu Much, Tutu Soon: why little girls shouldn't be showered with tutus from birth!

The other day I was sitting in Central Park with my teenage cousin. We were watching my daughter play in the crispy winter leaves and another little girl and her father walked by. The other child was about my child's age and she was wearing a backpack over her jacket. Trailing from underneath her outerwear was a tutu. Sigh. Another tutu.

"I just can't stand the ubiquity of tutus on toddlers," I said. My cousin looked me in the eye and asked: "Why?" Caught off guard by the sparseness of her question, I found myself not wanting to rely on the standard objections: princess culture, marketing, the confusion between being a female and being a fairy princess, the obsession with "cute" and "pretty" that has made billions of dollars for corporations who make costumes and other paraphernalia. Although these are all solid objections, I wanted to offer a different, original summation in the case of Popular Culture Vs. Our Young Girls in the courtroom of my mind. Maybe I just wanted to win the argument. Maybe I am as weary of people finding me a kill-joy or a cliche of retro-hippy culture when I talk about tutus as I am of the tutus themselves. Either way, I thought of another reason I dislike tutus on toddlers.

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