TV and broadband: Best value is a combined broadband offer for my Family

There is no household without a TV anymore. Now, add broadband to it and you get the best-combined offer for a TV customer. It is not only better for yourself and your family. It will do miracles for your budget as well.

At the time being, Sky and Virgin Media are offering the best bundle discounts for the TV deals.

There is one more thing you can take into consideration. There is also a TV, broadband and landline bundle with an even better value if you are in for all three services.

Next to the pricing, some more factors need you to refer to Virgin Media and Sky contact centers so that you can get the best of everything. Make sure you consider the quality of the broadband service you will get, and pick the best for the money. Next are the channels, the quantity and quality of them. Ask about the costs of installation and set-top box. That is, if there are any. Next, how long you are signing a contract for and if there are any additional costs for the landline and such.

The Best Deals You Will Get

The only companies that offer the best deals are Sky and Virgin Media and they are the only ones that offer these stand-alone TV deals. They both have significantly discounted their entering deals and on purpose or not, they both have almost the same offers. The basics will cost you £280 with Virgin Media and £283.50 with Sky on a one-year basis.

According to some research, this is what you will get from both sides:

Virgin Media

At the moment, Virgin Media offers the best entry level Mix TV package at a price of £10 per month on a four month basis, after what the price gets back to the regular of £30 per month. This will save the customers £80 with a deal of 12 months.

Sky UK

On the other hand, Sky has a 20% off all TV Packages with the Sky add-ons included for 12 months. The new price comes down to £26.60 on a monthly basis compared to the regular one of £29.50. The good thing is that the contract and the discount last for a total of 12 months both so that saves up to £70 on a yearly basis.

The bundle though is a completely different thing. TV package including an Unlimited Fiber Broadband now costs £49 per month compared to the regular price of £84.50. That sums up a total of £35.50 discount per month and £426 on a one-year basis.

Who Offers The Best Bundle?

When talking about bundles, Virgin Media offers a valuable bundle deal as well. Their 240 Mb broadband with the Mix TV and a Mobile Package came down to £35 per month for half a year and the other six months the price goes back to the regular one of £85. That will save you £50 per month for six months, what sums up a total of £300 for the duration of the entire contract.

They both have similar prices on a yearly level, with Virgin Media being more expensive for about £132, what they will compensate in doubling the broadband speed, calls to Irish mobiles and landlines and a Netflix voucher of £60.