8 TV Shows that Led the Mother-Hating Trend of 2013

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Olivia's missing mother has been a dominant theme in the show. We finally met Maya Lewis this year, but the mother and child reunion was bumpy and Mama was portrayed as the opposite of nurturing. Then worse, the plotline at the end of 2013 had Olivia discovering that her mother is in fact a monstrous terrorist right after Olivia finally gets the connection with her mother she craves. Scandal portrays motherhood as not compatible with career alternatives to "terrorist" as well. Most of the female characters are not mothers, the Josie Marcus subplot focused on the fact that she relinquished a child at 15 to be raised as her sister yet the story still kills her changes at political success, and the First Lady, the nation's symbolic mother, couldn't be less interested in her children. At least the show is balanced with plentiful miserable excuses for fathers, too.


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