TV Shows We Love: Disney’s “Sofia the First”

After months of anticipation, Sofia the First premiered on the Disney Channel last night. To paraphrase a line from another Disney princess movie—Tangled—this princess was worth the wait. Sofia is a sweet, game, lively princess with a great sense of humor and loyalty; and she’s a good sport to boot. 

The story begins in the classic Disney style with the opening of a storybook. And it borrows the characters of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from 1959’sSleeping Beauty to tell the tale. Sofia’s story takes place in the land of Enchancia. Her backstory is quickly compressed as we rush through the narrative of her shoemaker mom Miranda being summoned by the widower King for a new pair of slippers. It’s love at first sight in a moment that references 1950’sCinderella, but it’s Miranda who slips the shoe on King Roland. They marry, making Sofia a princess. She’s now part of royal family that includes two older siblings, Princess Amber (who puts Sofia through her paces) and Prince James (who pranks her, but immediately regrets it). 

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