What You've Been Tweeting as BlogHer Food '12 Nears

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BlogHer FoodIt's now the end of May and BlogHer Food '12 is just over a week away. We've been following along with what you're tweeting about the conference ahead of time, whether it's a statement or a question. To continue building excitement for the delicious conference, we thought we'd highlight some of what we've seen in both the #blogherfood and #blogherfood12 hashtags -- and answer some of the questions we see popping up repeatedly.

If you haven't downloaded the mobile app for the conference, you should do so now. But don't take our word for it. Here's what one of our attendees has to say:

Aki Kamozawa (@akikamozawa) is speaking on Day One and has good things to say thus far. I take that as a great sign!

Marocmama had a question many people have been asking about: "meeting" fellow attendees ahead of arrival.

If you're wondering about fellow attendees, check out our attendee list or our twitter list of BlogHer Food attendees! As far as our sponsors go, well, on to the next tweet first because I love seeing our sponsors get involved in the chatter as well.

If you're curious about what sponsors you'll be interacting with in Seattle -- or ahead of time on twitter -- you don't want to miss our full sponsor page.

For our newbies who might be nervous about the "who will I meet" and "will they be nice" aspects of the conference, this tweet should squash those fears.

If you're looking for something extra to do with your time in Seattle, here's a suggestion.

And, to wrap it up, a tweet by one of our co-founders Elisa Camahort Page that means the conference will be full of awesome attendees:

That's right: SOLD OUT! That's always a good thing for our attendees because you get to meet more people to friend, to interact with, to network with and to learn things from, whether about blogging, food or life in general.

I'm sure twitter chatter will be picking up in the next week and we'll be tuning in to what you're saying -- and asking! Additionally, next week we'll be bringing you a glimpse of what people are writing on their own blogs prior to the conference. If you've been holding back on writing about what you're excited (or nervous) about, or a tip for newbies, now would be a great time to get it up!

As always, during the conference, we'll be highlighting tweets from panels and the day in general. After the conference, we'll be bringing you some general twitter reaction as well. So keep tweeting!

See you in Seattle!


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