Twenty-Nine Years Still Married… And they said it wouldn’t last!

This past month of February 2011 my hubby and I celebrated 29-years married. I praise God because we are still going strong; in spite of the silent side-line jeerers and open unbelieving doubters here we are, still together. Though, in all fairness, we did have a few sincere “wish-you-the-best” blessing givers.

We’d dated only 1 month before he asked me to marry him. We’d courted only 3 short months when we took our vows and said “I do” before God and witnesses. Many will argue that 3 months is not long enough to know someone. Before this, before us, I, too, would have agreed. But how many people have known each other a very long time—grown up together—and even lived together for years first, only to see their once-thriving and undying-love dissolve and given to divorce within the first year of marriage.

We have been through many storms; the loss of jobs and money put us in the state of homelessness. We saw loss of dignity in the mirror and felt the inevitable shame. These things should have been enough for us to part ways, and too many couples have. But we survived. The many trials and tribulations have only served to make us stronger. We’ve had our petty fights as any other couple has: yelled, threatened, accused and finger-pointed, but we made up after each squabble, hugging and kissing and laughing. All in all, we have shared plenty of good days to count as great memories.

He gave me his heart first, promising to make me happy to the best of his ability, and to that end he has fulfilled his vows. Truth be told, I was broken and lost when he found me. After many years, after much love and patience—in his part—I have finally found my way. I have [mostly] healed and even come to love me. However, I realize that I still have so much more to learn and overcome. I’ve learned to take baby steps, one-day at-a-time.

To my Knight in shining armor:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Because of you, I am loved; I have a family I can love back; I have a home. I look forward to sharing another 29 years and more with you. I LOVE YOU!


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