Twilight DVD to be released Friday at Midnight, and even old ladies like myself swoon

So the Twilight DVD drops this weekend, but no, I'm not going to be lining up at my local Borders to buy it. Are you serious? I had that back-ordered at Amazon, like, months ago. Which means that I can avoid the fan frenzy that's going to start percolating sometime in the wee hours tomorrow, which is great, because although I am, in some very important respects, a fan who has been known to indulge in teh frenzy, I am also old and averse to being trampled by teenagers wearing Team Edward t-shirts. Also: I have a life.

That said, I am a Twilight fan (Team Edward represent!), and I'm right stoked about this DVD. I'm not going retread the arguments for and against supporting the Twilight series as a pop culture phenomenon. We've been there and done that a gajillion times over, and we'll no doubt get to go there and do that again if Stephenie Meyer ever gets around to finishing Midnight Sun (in which Edward explains, in the first person, just exactly how and why he was able to move from wanting to savagely murder Bella to just stalking her). Besides, subjecting Twilight to the scalpel of criticism just harshes its delicious buzz of fun. And people, seriously: Twilight is fun! Sure, it's about vampires and doomed romance, but still! Those vampires sparkle. And that romance isn't really doomed so much as destined for prom (and, later, ravenous vampire-hybrid turbo babies, but that's some thousands of pages and movie-sequel hours off yet). It goes perfectly with popcorn!

Twilight Movie Bella and Edward Dance

The real reason, however, why the Twilight DVD set is a must-buy? Robert Pattinson. And not because he's sparkleriffically hot - although he is, for the record, that - but because he's really freaking funny and all reports have it that his commentary on the movie, as included on the DVD? Is hysterical. Remember when he did that E!Online interview, sometime last year before the movie came out? The one that Twilight blogger Cleolinda (the best commentator on Twilight in the history of the Twilightverse, ever, IMHO) dubbed THE BEST INTERVIEW EVER? The one where he said stuff like:

"When I read it (Twilight), it seemed like (grimaces) I was convinced that ... Stephenie was ... convinced that she was Bella, and uh, and you, it wasn't, it was like it was a book that wasn't supposed to be published, like reading her ... her sort of sexual fantasy about some -- especially when she says that it was based on a dream, and it's like, "Oh, then I had a dream about this really sexy guy" and she just writes this book about it, and there's some things about Edward that are just so specific that it's like, I was just convinced that, that this woman is mad, she's completely mad, and she's in love with her own fictional creation and I -- sometimes you, like, feel uncomfortable reading this thing, and I think a lot of people feel the same way, that it's kind of voyeuristic, ah, and it creates this sick pleasure in a lot of ways."

Yeah, that one. Apparently, the entirety of his commentary track on the DVD is like that. Which: AWESOME.

From's review of the DVD: "Who’d have thought that the funniest voice in that critical chorus would be… RobPat himself. There he is with director Catherine Hardwicke and co-star Kristen Stewart in the audio commentary on the new Twilight DVD, dissing himself and tossing in silly bits of new dialogue for his vampire hottie character, Edward Cullen."

A sampling:

During the scene in the school cafeteria where Edward bounces an apple off of his feet and into his hands - “Wow, he’s a superhuman moron… He wears lipstick, has a little bouffant and does little circus acts.”

During the scene in the forest, when Edward is warning Bella to stay away from him - Edward: “Do you know what vampires eat?” Pattinson (in a high, nasal voice): “Cheeseburgers!”

Buy it for the vampire sparkle-porn, keep it for the funny.

. . . . .
Tracey, aka Sweetney, writes about Pop Culture & Entertainment at MamaPop, and is so totally not 13 years old. No, seriously.


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