Twitter really annoys me and just when I'm about to pack it all up and accept the ignominy that will result something useful happens.  Last week it was finding people on Twitter who were posting useful translations of the political situation here in Greece.  But mostly it annoys me and I think it's because I don't quite get it and I the etiquette of it seems to beyond me. 

One of the things that I'm never sure about is what happens when two people you follow are having a public conversation and you burst in on it wondering what's going on.  I can't decide if the person butting in is being impolite in the way of starting to get involved in a conversation that two colleagues might be having by the photocopier or if the people having the public conversation are doing the equivalent of whispering to each other while in company. 

And then after I spent at least 45 seconds thinking about this I thought I'd better find something more interesting to think about.  So I looked at a forum and then decided to post about twitter on my blog. 

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