Twitter 101: join the amazing online conference

Have you signed up for twitter but then weren't sure what to do? Have you been told to use twitter but aren't sure why to bother? I hope to explain my approach and some tips and tricks for creating your own online network.

I think of twitter as an incredible online conference. Others describe twitter as a cocktail party (e.g. here and here) where there is a lot of excited talk and we can pick out interesting conversations above the background of chatter. But many people see the chatter at cocktail parties empty and meaningless and then can see twitter as lots of small talk. Plus, I'm an introverted geek and cocktail parties are usually hard work for me. So, I'm going with the conference idea.

Picture a room with lots of simultaneous sessions on a huge number of topics - wouldn't it be great to just wander in and out of these sessions? Well, that's how I see twitter. I can learn about the new paper in epigenetics, hear about the impact of Open Access on different people, read the current political scandal, and maybe ask the best place to stay in Whistler. Twitter is a simple service with a lot of different applications. Uses can include Personal Learning Networks, movie clubs, and even writing novels.

So, how do you get involved? Read more at the original post.


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