Twitter Housekeeping. Clean-up Your "Following" List.

How long have you been using Twitter? Two years? Three? More?

Imagine the dead weight you may be carrying in your "Following" list. When I joined Twitter in 2009 I don't recall my methodology of who I chose to follow and why. Interestingly, what is the percentage of people I am following that do not even tweet anymore or haven't tweeted in more than 6 months? I wonder about these things. These Twitter handles are dead weight in my "Following" list. I need to do some housekeeping.

ManageFlitter* is my go-to for Twitter housekeeping and other things. Here's why:

  • I can sort users by "Last Tweet." If he/she hasn't tweeted in over six months, 12 months etc. I can easily unfollow within ManageFlitter. (see below)
  • I can pull a query of users I follow, but do not follow me back.
  • I can see who is "Talkative, "Quiet" or "Inactive."
  • I can search within my "Following" list who have most recently tweeted using specific words.
  • I can search within my "Following" list for specific words in Twitter bios.

I use number one about once a quarter and the others every-so-often if I am curious or looking to connect to someone regarding a particular topic or interest.

Filter Tweeps in another great tool for Twitter housekeeping. Which tool(s) do you use? I would love to learn about others!

*I use the free version. I do not work for ManageFlitter nor am I being compensated or receiving exclusive ManageFlitter offers for drafting this post.


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