Twitter Staves Off Isolation for Boston Bloggers

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Overnight, there were many developments in the Boston Marathon bombing case. The suspects, who were identified after they robbed a convenience store; carjacked a SUV; attacked and killed a MIT police officer, Sean Collier; and got into a shoot-out when the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed. The younger brother, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, is on the run and considered by police "armed and extremely dangerous."

Boston is on complete lockdown as the FBI searches for Tsarnaev. Bloggers have taken to Twitter for updates and to stave off the feeling of isolation as the authorities search for the young man. Many of them can't watch the news because they are home with young children. If you're on Twitter and following the news, send some support to our friends in Boston. Twitter can be good and it can be bad in a crisis -- let's make it good this morning.

Beth Kanter retweeted a picture that says a lot:

Marie from Boston Bibliophile tweeted this.

Christine Koh from Bostonmamas is worried about her mom and siblings.

Casey from Life With Roozle lives in the area and had to ask Twitter why there were low-flying helicopters because she didn't want her child to know what was happening.

Roxanna Sarmiento (Miguelina) from Everyday Treats isn't in the center of the action, but even nearby is reaching out to Twitter.

Twitter Feeds to Follow as the Crisis Unfolds

We hear you, Roxanna: Developing news has been especially confusing this week. Here are some Twitter feeds we've been following all week:

Boston Police Department: Community alerts and official advisories, official statements on suspects and progress.

Andy Carvin: NPR's senior strategist is a seasoned social media journalist skilled at finding sources for Twitter reports.

Jennifer L. Pozner: Tweeting from Worcester, Massachusetts today, providing context and commentary on news events and social media.


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