Twitter: Women more talkative than men


We know for a very long time (as women) we tend to talk for hours to express our feelings and spending an afternoon with girlfriends will leave us with a dry mouth and a jaw ache.  We now have access to social media to even express more what we think or want to discuss and according to a study of the agency Beevolve, women are using Twitter more than men, not a surprise, you will say, true, but let’s have a closer look at those numbers.

Women outnumber men by 53%, and are more active.They write an average of 610 messages from their subscription against 567 for men. For this survey the agency specialized in social mediaBeevolve scrutinised the accounts of 36 million Twitter users in the World what constitutes the most extensive investigation conducted to this day.

The authors of this investigation could determined the gender by referring to photos and desciptions profiles. They estimate that nearly three-quarters of registered Twitter are between 15 to 25 years.

According to the agency in July Semiocast French, Twitter would exceed 500 million accounts, of which less than a third are active, far behind Facebook and there would be 7.3 million Twitter profiles in France.

Twitter last year revealed that 40% of users browse the site but never intervene. The study confirms this trend.

1 user on 4 has never written a message, 74% follow less than 50 people.

Twitter users have an average of 208 subscribers, but this figure is blurred by the very popular accounts of celebrities or political figures, which some accounts exceed 100,000 followers.

According to eMarketer, Twitter all result 222 million in sales thanks to the World wide advertising in 2012, more than twice last year and 420 million by 2013 and 623 million in two years. Twitter United States is even able to take the lead on Facebook in mobile advertising. This year it will attract 5% of investments in the sector, as against 2.8% for Facebook.

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Credit: Google Pics, Beevolve, Emarketer, Semiocast, Le Figaro Paris

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