Twitter's Death Policy: Don't Follow Me After I Die

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Last month I blogged about how uncomfortable my partner was by messages from Facebook suggesting she connect with a co-worker who has passed away. Today, I'm happy to report that Twitter is handling their memorial accounts a wee bit better.

Mashable reports that once your family members have notified Twitter of your death (and it all checks out) that you will no longer be included in the who to follow recommendation box. That's excellent. I appreciate that little attention to detail.

With that detail under control, I'm feeling really smart for not setting up any auto-tweets or scheduled tweets. About once a week someone suggests I schedule my thrice weekly quad grande nonfat caramel macchiato tweet and I always say "No, that's cheating." Can you imagine if I did schedule those and was tweeting about my Starbucks addiction from the grave? Do you have any auto-tweets set up? Do your family members know how to shut that down?

I don't think I want my Twitter account completely deleted, but I definitely don't want anyone tweeting from the account either. Throw a silly Twitter party with a #DeniseIsDead hashtag, that would be ok. Drink a few caramel macchiatos. And then move along.

How about you? Do you want your tweets memorialized? Would you like a Twitter wake?

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