Twitter for Beginners: From Hashtags to Followers


Tweet to your friends, tweet to your favorite comedians! (But switch up your wording or the Twitter gods will think you’re a spambot and suspend your account).

3.Tweet your life. All of it. People like reality and in our modern times, people also like instant gratification. People WILL retweet funny posts that appeal to them or meet them at the level where they are.

4.Be gracious. Tweet others the way you would like to be tweeted.

5.Don’t be a dick. There are people who have made their fame and fortunes being dicks. And I know that snark is king. But snark won't be forever. People who are genuinely funny, however, will be. I’m not saying censor yourself – I would never say that. But don’t go out of your way to be incendiary. Just be honest and the followers shall come.

6. You only get 140 characters per tweet. Economy is important. That's why you should get an account with bitly: This site will shorten your blog link URLs to tiny little links so that they take up less space. Plus, it keeps track of how many clicks your link generates so you can see how big your internet presence is. Do it. Do it now.

There you have it. I know that it’s a little scattered, but Twitter is a little scattered. C’est la vie, right? If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or leave the question in the comment box. I’ve done lots of Twitter research and while I don’t know everything by any stretch, I do know some amazingly helpful tips.

So tweet away, kittens! Tweet away!

And follow me at @NestedBlog.

Seriously. Follow me. I believe in follow-backsies. And retweets. We can practice our mad, new Twitter skills together!  Happy tweeting, y'all!

Katie Pilkington
Writer of Nested and Bourbon - Neat - and Baking on the Rocks.


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