Two Birds, One Stone: Happy Birthday TDC & Day Of Visibility

Just a quick post to let you know about two exciting (especially for we of the dodgy body brigade) events this week.

As most of you will know I have a disorder that although very disabling, leaves me looking as fresh as the morning dew (the water on the grass, not the sugar syrup disguised as soft drink), well except for the days when I am rocking a whiter shade of pale.  Now, whilst I enjoy looking like Heidi Klum's identical twin this causes many problems, foremost being that many fail to believe you are ill and can at times be rude bastards about it.  If only they could see me with "stroke face" as my delightful eldest calls it.  But alas on those days I generally don't leave the house for fear of hearing fearful crowds screaming "avert thine eyes".

I'm not alone in this and there are many disorders which are classed as 'Invisible Illnesses".  In light of this the Day of Visibility was created.  Time to step out of the shadows and into the light and bring some awareness to the situation.

One of the support groups of which I am lucky to be a part, is also celebrating.  The Dysautonomia Connection turns, 3.  Happy birthday TDC.  This is an organisation run for and by patients, to provide support and education for patients, their families and friends and the wider community. Help us celebrate!

Now this whole Invisible Illness thingie has been on my mind a bit over the past 4 years.  Here are a few of my older posts addressing these issues.

How To Spot A Sick Chicken

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My Life as Heidi Klum's Double

Remember sickness doesn't have a 'look'.  Just because I look like a super model on the outside doesn't mean I don't look like the bastard offspring of the Elephant Man and the Bearded Lady on the inside. 

The Invisible Woman aka Michelle :)

I'm To Sexy, Right Said Fred (1991) for all the super model sickies.

Michelle Roger writes for Living With Bob (Dysautonomia)


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