A Truck Exploded and Two Were Born

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At the hospital things got crazy very quickly. I was hooked up to a machine, had an ultra sound and was informed the baby was in serious trouble. I started to cry. The doctor briefly explained what was going to happen in the operating room. They wanted to put me under so I would just wake up and "Voila," I'd have a baby. I was having none of that. He asked us if we had any questions. My question was "do you promise to take care of the the baby first, if something goes wrong?" He said he would do his best. My husband said he also had a question. His was, "How long before those stretch marks fade and she looks normal again?"

I will never forget the look on the faces of everyone in that room. I was whisked away to have an emergency C-Section.

I couldn't stop crying. I felt pressure and tugging but no pain as the doctors went to work on my tummy. The man who should have been at my side announced that the whole thing grossed him out. He stood by the door, even after the nurses suggested he be more supportive. I felt two soft hands wrap themselves around my right hand. The nurse gave my hand a little squeeze, whispered in my ear, "you're doing great." I shut my eyes and tried to calm down. I heard someone say "here he comes" and POP! out he came. He was beautiful and perfect. I had my Joshua. I knew my life would never be the same.

Josh was only a few hours old when my mother and my husband left me in the hospital, in a state where I didn't know a soul, with a new baby, all alone. There was a party back home to welcome "Mr. Wonderful and Supportive" and he wasn't about to miss it. I stayed alone in the hospital for 5 days. I watched the nightly news as they reported on the events that had taken place on the turnpike. They even mentioned that a lady had gone into labor but made it to the hospital in time to have a healthy baby boy.

The good thing about being there alone with only my baby boy was that I realized I would end up a single mother one way or another. I knew what I needed to do. I deserved a better man in my life, and my child sure as hell deserved a better father. (I filed for divorce not long after.)

I spent those 5 days with only my baby, promising myself I could do right by this boy. Five days of loving, talking to and caring for my little boy. I have spent the next 22 years doing the exact same thing. There were two births that day: Josh was born and so was my new found self-worth and determination.


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