Two Down -- Now What?

“Are you getting rid of your ex-husband’s last name?” they ask.

“I don’t have his last name,” I answer.

“So Conner is your maiden name?”


And then I get the confused look, and I have to heavily sigh and explain the stupidity of my early adulthood.

“It’s my first ex-husband’s last name,” I say with a slight groan.

“..oh. Oh. Oh! You were married BEFORE?!” is usually their response.

“Yes. When I was barely 18-years-old. I was young and stupid, and corrected my mistake a little over a year later.” This answer is usually pretty satisfactory for most of them. I still hate telling people though.

What can I say? I was young AND stupid. And my mother is a “let her learn from her own mistakes” type of woman – which is something I actually love about her. Because the stupid shit I’ve thrown myself into, have been some of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned from.


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