Flying between Australia and the USA is a pain in the butt for me. Actually, it's really not that difficult but when I overthink it, it becomes a pain in the butt - or bum.
I am a dual citizen. Yes, I was lucky enough to keep my Australian citizenship when I became an American which is something I feel very privileged about. I love both countries equally, both cultures equally and both countries people equally. There are also things I dislike about both places. Nowhere is perfect.
When I buy airplane tickets I get stumped by one question - what's your nationality? I have to think about it for a second. I always carry both passports when I fly and it depends on which
country I am leaving and which country I am arriving in as to which I show at immigration.
When I leave the States and enter Australia, I am Australian.
When I leave Australia and enter the States, I am American.
It makes filling out those bloody immigration forms on the plane a bit trickier and buying tickets a bit more complicated.
Today I bought tickets to fly from LA to Melbourne and again I had to answer "What is your nationality?"and as usual I had to think about it....

 ...I answered Australian. 


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