Two "Men" and a Lady.


So, I went to Target today to buy some much-needed items for my household. I had a coupon for a bag of free Turkey Jerky and it was expiring soon. I decided I had better use it because I will be kicking myself if I don't.

Fast-forward to the check-out process...

It wasn't too busy there and I was almost done being rang-up by the cashier who, by the way, was new and obviously not fully trained yet. I totally understand; but, to put a newbie out there that doesn't know how to ring a coupon in the Holiday crazy-shopper season is really not a Kosher idea, in my opinion.

We will call her, "M."  I handed my coupon to her after everything was rang up and she went into panic-mode. M kept scanning it and I told her she would have to manually enter the amount because it was an " Up to $X.XX amount of dollars off" coupon and I have used one before and watched the process at Target.

At that time, a "man" that was two people behind me said, " What is the coupon for?"

M proceeded to read the coupon WORD FOR WORD to him. Why she didn't tell him it was none of his concern (politely, of course) in the first place, is beyond me.

He then proceeds to tell her, not me to my face like a real person should, " How about I just give her the $4.00 so I can get her out of this line?"

I was like.. oh.hell.NO. I turned to him and said, " Excuse me?"

He repeated himself and also added: I don't know what your situation is; it's CHRISTMAS for God's sake~ can you please just let us check out and get out of line? I will PAY YOU $4.00 to not worry about the coupon.

My response to the Christmas comment? " First of all, its not Christmas today; second of all, the spirit of Christmas is GOOD will toward each other, giving and caring; not tearing someone apart because you are in a hurry."

Talk about insulting. I informed him my situation is " just fine; it's none of your concern anyway."  He just kept going and going; before I knew it, the other "man" that was in front of him started chiming in against me, too.

I looked at both of them, straight in the eyes and said, " Are you guys serious right now? Two grown-ass men ganging up on the female in line at Target? Why don't you go to the line right there; there is only one person in it!!"

I will not continue on with the foolish banter; but, he ended up "apologizing" for "insulting" me and felt it necessary to tell me to "enjoy the rest of your day." I said, " Oh, I WILL."


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