Two Parent Homes Never Have Any Stress? Gimme a Break!

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Have you ever been trying to talk to one of your mom friends and you unintentionally, inadvertently pushed a button? Sarah at You, Me & Lucy keeps bumping into this unfortunate situation when she tries to talk honestly about the hardships of motherhood with her mom friends who happen to be single moms. Sometimes she even accidentally presses an unknown trigger button just by sending Christmas cards. Her post points out that while she is raising her child in a two parent home, it still comes with stress and worry and sleepless nights.

She shares her honest feelings:

Fair? I didn’t know this was a game we were playing. I didn’t know I had to be careful about family photos, invites, play dates, expressing exhaustion, etc because it would be offensive if I showed I was happy with my new family or drained from being a parent in general if my single friends were around. Am I not entitled to express fatigue or exasperation when it’s been hours and she’s still crying and I don’t know what to do? Am I not allowed to send cards to my friends simply because I wanted them included without regard if they were a single parent? Am I being facetious and inadvertently taunting them without knowing it?

I am saying that my husband being here doesn’t make it all unicorns and candied popcorn. It’s still the hardest job I’ve ever done.

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I encourage you to read all of Sarah's post and ask yourself these questions: Are you a two-parent-home family that has received criticism for voicing the realities (sleepless nights, exhaustion, etc) of parenting only to find no sympathy? Are you a single parent who would never dream about saying something like this to a friend? How do we meet in the middle of our own unique struggles and find common ground and support? Discuss!


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