Two Spinsters in Miami

This weekend, my friend, Linda, and I flew down to Miami to attend a two-day birthday celebration for our dear friend, Priscilla.  It was an absolutely lovely weekend.  Not only was it nice to be in 78 degree weather when it was 14 degrees in NYC, but it was also great to spend time with friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in awhile.  About 50 people came in from all over the country, and knowing that was the beginning of an anticipated problem for Linda.

Linda: I want to go, but part of me doesn't. You know we're going to be the only single people there.

Me:  Probably.  So what.

Linda (somewhat under her breath): There you go with that Spinsterlicious sh** again.

Me: Yep. That's right.  We're going and we will have lots of fun.  Why wouldn't we?

Linda: Because it's going to be all couples.

Me: Listen, all married couples are not necessarily happy couples. While you're envying them, they're envying us.

Anyway, I was thinking the  whole all-couples thing would be a perfect excuse for me to scoot off by myself for some quiet time and to explore the town, minus a big group of people.  I did wonder, though, if we'd have anyone to dance with, as the women kept a close eye on their husbands.


The festivities were amazing and we had a grand time.  Both nights, the dinner and dancing took place at one of Miami's best-and-brightest new hotels.   The SLS Miami is awesome: beautiful, with excellent food and an attentive and cheery staff.  It is swank, and the embodiment of all-things-South-Beach.  Read more…





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