Two Updates to Facebook's News Feed

You may or may not have noticed these two updates to how we view content on our Facebook news feed. They're not "breaking news" updates but thought it would add some value to you to be aware.

Update 1: You can now sort your news feed based on Highlighted Stories or Recent Stories. Do you recall the days of "old skool" Facebook news feed? You could sort by posts containing pictures, links, posts from Pages and most recent. Those days are gone, but hopefully this minor update is a step in that direction. I would love to simply sort my news feed to narrow-in on content specifically from my favorite Pages.

Update 2: Hide your Ticker! Do you sometimes get overwhelmed when catching up on content in the main news feed but then your ticker is scrolling on the right with more content? Oy. Too much content. Now you have the option to hide the ticker on the right side by clicking on the little arrow icon.

In a perfect world, what are some updates and/or enhancements you would like to see in your Facebook news feed?