Two Weeks Notice

I haven't really talked about my job much on this blog. I really don't plan to. Part of that is because I am a social worker and there are obviously strict rules about confidentiality. I also don't think it is a good idea to make many job references on blogs, Facebook or other social media for people of any profession really. Negative comments, passive aggressive comments or anything that might be in some way referring to a co-worker, customer or client can definitely come back to haunt you. And finally, talking about your job incessantly is just plain annoying.

I'm making a little exception here. Today I resigned from my current job. I gave two weeks notice and will be officially done on June 22. I have another job lined up, something that I see as a better opportunity for this point in my life, and I am very excited about that. I will be a children's counselor at in agency just outside of Chicago. As happy (and relieved) as I am, giving my notice today was not easy. I could go on listing the complaints and issues about my current job for quite some time, and oh, have I ever been stressed out for the past several months. But there is something about "two weeks notice" day that is so unnerving and even a little sad.

It's weird to me because for some time I kind of fantasized about the moment I would quit. Many things had happened that I did not agree with and I couldn't wait to get out. But today was hard. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad I am leaving and moving on. It just wasn't how I had pictured it and I didn't feel how I thought I would. I imagine that many people have been in this situation, when our feelings and intentions don't always match what happens in reality. At any rate, I am glad it is over with and I can move ahead and finish my time at my current job and then take a little time off before starting the next.

-Miss Mare


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