Tying Shoes a Parenting Failure!

Tying shoes! It was just one of my failures as parenting.  I wish I could say I taught my kids everything they know.  I wish I could say I always made the right decisions about everything.  I wish I could say I had perfect kids, you know,they had straight A’s and never caused me an ounce of trouble and ……

Oh, tying shoes that is what I was telling you about. Listen, I sucked at that lesson in their life.

My little boy, who is now 23, would still be wearing Velcro shoes if it wasn’t for his Grandpa.  Oh, and I can’t give you some cutesy story about how his Grandfather magically taught him to tie his shoes. I mean my son had Velcro shoes.  Therefore, my father I had to give me a scolding first.

My Dad, went through a period of not working and he would pop over and babysit my son. I came to find out my Dad hated Velcro shoes.

Of course, like everything else in life timing is everything.

One day, I am rushing out the door, my Father says, “Hey, get your kid some real shoes.  He can’t wear this crap (holding up his Velcro tennis shoes) for his entire life.  He is gonna have to learn to tie a shoe eventually.”

I was a little stunned,kind of,sort of, with the blunt tone.

I answered,”Dad, it is Velcro and easy for him.”

My Father sternly replied, “The kid is old enough to be in real shoes.  Buy him ones that tie.  He is no baby. Time to teach this kid, let him grow up. Have a good day.”

Oh, by the way, “The Have a good Day” was to let me know the ‘Discussion’ was over and to do it.

I bought the shoes and my father taught my son how to tie his shoes. I am pretty sure he taught my daughter too :)

I was such a terrific mom!!! Hey,but I am an awesome daughter LOL

C’mon, I listened or better yet, I obeyed!

So what were you thinking? Velcro? How hard is it to teach shoe tying? Don’t go talking about my Dad LOL


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