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Sweet Catastrophe Blog | A Typical Day of Eating | Meniere's Disease


I've received a good many questions about what I eat since being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease and having to restrict my sodium intake to roughly 1500mgs per day. Today I thought I'd share a glimpse into what I can and do typically eat in a day. (A word of caution - I am being monitored by my ENT who has prescribed my low-salt diet, I advise speaking with a physician if you are interested in a low-salt diet before you make any adjustments on your own.)


Sweet Catastrophe Blog | A Typical Day of Eating | Meniere's Disease


Of course life tends to get in the way of my plan sometimes and I have to make due with what I have around but with solid planning I can typically stay on track. Knowing I can go as high as 2000mg without triggering my symptoms is very helpful on those days when things don't go according to plan. There of course days when I exceed 2000mg but these are typically by choice and planned in advance. I'm lucky enough to be able to go out to dinner (once every two weeks or so) and allow myself to eat what I want. My ENT said that doing so in moderation should not trigger my symptoms and so far that is true. But I do watch what I eat for several days after in an attempt to even things out again, just to make sure I don't get ill. 
Overall I have to credit the two rounds of Gentamicin injections for allowing me the leeway I currently have with my diet. Without them my sodium intake would have been even more restricted (closer to 1000mg per day without any splurges). I also take a diuretic daily to help flush my system, together they are my little Meniere's team working hard to keep me upright and vertigo free.

Do you or a friend/family member suffer from Meniere's? If so I would love to hear from you and how you or they keep symptoms under control. I also love that my reader's take such a great interest in my health and diagnosis - keep those questions coming, they make for great posts!

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