UGH the stupid

UGH I don't even know where to start since legally I can't say what I want to. First off I have dated some real losers in my day (haven't we all) but I have never dated anyone who was so uninformed, so not business smart or that out right disrespected my job until now.  Most people around me and those I have dated in the past fully understand that don't just have a job. I run a business and am part of an industry. We use the money we make to support our families, run households and such. I'm not fully sure WHY this is hard to understand. Like any other business we try to protect our business and our investments. Be it an investment of time or money. HOW could someone think it is wrong to protect your business when it supports your family? By protect I mean not associating with people who have shakey business practices. Guilt by association. How can you get mad at someone who is just trying to protect what they have spent 11 years building and that could be lost in a second if associating with a certain person continues? I guess for him "porn" is just a big joke and a fun time and not a real business bc he doesn't make real money at it. UGH I'm sure this makes ZERO sense since I can't just out right say what the issue is. It just pisses me off that someone would have the NERVE to get pissed with me for trying to protect my hard work. I work 12 -14 hours a day 7 days a week. I work HARD. Why shouldn't I protect it? UGH

It's funny I was talking to my ex who also happens to be one of my bestfriends and he was like WTF I'd be pissed if you DIDN'T protect yourself and your business. He says that bc he helped me start my business. He took the VERY first set of still pictures I ever took for work. He has viewed it as a business since then.

I don't know it just blows my mind.