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DSC_0023 This room in my house sums up all that was wrong with the previous owners decorating choices. The walls are painted a flat peach colored paint. Accented by random rectangular shapes painted a flat orange color, the exact color and sheen of the tempera paint that kindergarten children use to paint their paper mache Halloween pumpkins. Around the rectangles was some trim wood, painted a flat brown color. I regret that I have no photos of this to share, but the contractors tore it off the wall this morning faster than I could grab my camera. I guess it offended their sensibilities also. The fireplace mantel is painted brown. Not stained, oh no no no, painted. The area where the plaster is cut away on the wall and up across the ceiling is because we need to put in a support beam. There used to be a wall there, a support wall. Do you know what a support wall is? It is a wall that supports the house, helps hold it up. It is sort of important. It is also wall that the previous owner just knocked down with no regard as to what would hold up the the two floors above it. We have a contractor dealing with this room now. And can I just say how much I am enjoying having someone else work, or will I lose my DIY cred if I do? Soon To Be With Ed writes about her wallpaper stripping experience:

Who knew that house renovations could take so much out of a person – I’m not only tired … and sore…but I broke three nails in the process and will forever have a deep seated hatred for vinyl-coated wall coverings of any sort.

She goes on to say that watching all those home improvement shows had her convinced that any project could be tackled in a 30 minute time frame. The Bungalow Chronicles had the previous owner of their home come for a visit. Slaves to Our Queen had the previous owner break in and steal from them after the closing. Makes me glad that the previous owner here just made bad color choices. When she isn't blogging about her life at Notes from the Trenches, Chris is working at rescuing her house from a century of neglect and bad taste. She can also be found writing about home improvement and design at DIY This N' That.

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