An Ugly Brown Log

Years ago, I began researching lilies for my backyard pond. I discovered they can only be ordered at a certain time of year and I had to wait nine months to try again. I flagged the website and marked my calendar.

With shipping, the cost of my order was $50.00. I was so excited and checked the post office daily. The package finally arrived and inside a small 6 X 4 inch box, wrapped in plastic was my treasure. It was actually quite funny because my anticipated gem was a 4 inch log.

My hubby peered over my shoulder with a look of disgust. “What did you pay for it?”

Hmmm, he has no imagination. It’s funny because I look back now and realize I didn’t either. I was quite disappointed but I would never let him know.

I followed all instructions explicitly; soil, gravel, etc. I was on a mission!

Weeks went by and finally I saw the first sprouts heading to the top of the pond. I was much more excited than my fish. They told me so. Not in so many words but by using body language. I swear.

Two months after my log hit the water my first lily appeared. I took hundreds of pictures and I’m sure my friends and family were thoroughly sick of my pictured joy. The lilies last for about three days and only two bloomed that first year. As the weather grew colder I carefully followed the directions for preparing my pond lily for winter.

Like the first time my goldfish made it through the winter snow, I worried. Would my plant survive? My husband, the eternal pessimist, didn’t give it a chance. But, he also didn’t believe me when I told him goldfish freeze and come back to life in the spring.

That was four years ago. Now, I cut back my lily because it overruns my pond. I love it. I can’t even count the number of flowers produced this year.

This is my small piece of heaven. I sit here when I’m in need of deep thinking or no thinking at all. My garden surrounds me as nature buzzes by. I’ve worked on homicide cases, novels, and blog posts while sitting next to my pond. I’ve gained so much from an ugly brown log.

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