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Choosing a baby name can be one of the fun parts of expecting a baby; it was one I was most looking forward to. But as soon as it was time to actually choose a name, I found the task was surprisingly stressful as well. How would we know when we'd found The Right Name? What if we accidentally chose a name that would rule out another name we'd want to use later? What if I loved a name my husband couldn't stand? What if NONE of the options seemed very exciting?

I've named five children, and the experience was different each time. With one baby, we chose the only name we both liked, and I wondered if it was okay to feel satisfied with it but not lightning-struck about it. With another baby, we chose a family name after many discussions about whether that was the sort of thing we wanted to get into. With yet another baby, we chose a name that was much less common than all our other baby's names, and I was still wringing my hands about it a week after the birth. And with the twins, we faced the challenge of choosing two names at once, with the goal of having them work together but not be matchy.

It's fun! It's stressful! It's fun! It's stressful! Don't worry: Everything will be fine. This Crib Sheet will discuss:

  • How to get started
  • The search for a name that's unique but not weird
  • The added insurance of an honor name
  • Why it's a good idea to keep future siblings in mind
  • Future sibling names
  • Middle names
  • Why it's OK if nothing seems perfect

Read and print out the entire Crib Sheet for choosing a baby name.


Kristen is known online as Swistle. She writes at Swistle and Swistle: Baby Names. If she'd realized when she chose her children's blog pseudonyms that she'd one day have a baby name blog, she would have spent a little more time on the task. Their blog names are Robert, William, Elizabeth, Edward, and Henry; their actual names are closer in style to Ian, Keegan, Clarissa, James, and Caleb.

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