Umami in a Bowl: Make Some Homemade Mushroom Soup

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In 1908 a researcher in Tokyo who was studying the flavor of seaweed broth discovered a fifth taste, now commonly called umami, often translated as "savory" or "deliciousness." Umami is associated with foods high in natural glutamic acid, such as meat, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms, to name a few. The appreciation of Umami explains why certain flavors seem to be so addictive. It's also the reason why the simplest recipes for certain dishes will produce results that can make your taste buds sit up and pay attention.

There are so many different kinds of mushrooms, you could spend a lifetime studying them all, but all types of mushrooms are loaded with umami. That's the reason that a simple food like mushroom soup can be so satisfying. But don't take my word for it. Make some homemade mushroom soup and get your own taste of umami in a bowl.

Amy from Nook and Pantry used some fresh chanterelles and made Creamy Mushroom Soup with Sauteed Chanterelles. It turned out to be as good as the kind she's been buying for years from her favorite specialty store.

Moose in the Kitchen says there's nothing that smells better than "garlic and mushrooms simmering in a pool of butter and olive oil" and makes a yummy-sounding Mushroom Soup for Me.

The Houndstooth Gourmet does Polish Mushroom Soup, using dried borowik mushrooms, which she gets at a Polish grocery store. You can also used dried porcini mushrooms for this soup.

Gluten Free [Cooking School] has step-by-step photos of How to Make Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Binnur's Turkish Cookbook makes a version of Turkish Mushroom Soup that uses crushed red pepper. (In Turkey that's most likely Aleppo Pepper, which I'm crazy over.)

Elise's Cream of Mushroom Soup at Simply Recipes sounds like it would taste just amazing.

Cookery Corner in Singapore also has a pretty delicious-looking Cream of Mushroom Soup.

VegCookingBlog has a recipe for Creamy Mushroom Soup that features soy milk and miso.

Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen shared a recipe for Earthy Mushroom Soup that sounds wonderful, and contains no milk or cream.

The Pink of Perfection has a video of Cassandra's Mushroom Soup, and it's getting good reviews in the comments.

Last, but definitely not least, from the heart of Tuscany, Lucullian Delights makes Rosemary and Marsala Mushroom Soup with Fried Proscuitto Crudo Garnish.

Blogher Food Editor Kalyn Denny also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen, where she made the Grilled Mushrooms shown in the photo, as well as Mushroom Barley Soup.