Ummm... Hello AWESOME-NESS!

So I found these things... These little things are in little bottles... Little bottles of FREAKIN' AWESOME-NESS!!


So a gal's blog I've read had posted some pics of these oils and it peaked my interest. I mean I was already trying to change to a healthier, natural lifestyle  and do NOT like to depend on OTC drugs at all. I would rather be in pain or be sick than prolong the natural healing process. Do I sound hippy enough yet?

So I decide to look into the oils more and I'm clueless to them... so I go with a kit. I figure since I'm not sure what will work best for my family and what I will use the most why waste money trying oils I don't like or may not work for my everyday life?! So I get this Young Living Everyday Oils kit... Ummmm this is where the AWESOMENESS part comes in! Seriously after 2 days I was hooked and amazed! By the end of the first week I had replaced so much!


I have been amazed by these oils and my kids love them too. The boys sleep better at night and I feel so much better knowing chemicals are not bringing their fevers down temporarily and who knows what else. Did I mention I am amazed by the power of these oils?!

I became a member of Young Living because, well I figured why not get them at wholesale!? So now that I am a member I can get my oils at wholesale price, save on shipping AND potentially make some money! Ummmm well there you are again Awesome-ness!

If you're going to follow my blog... be prepared to see more posts about these boys because well, oh yea that's right... THEY'RE AMAZING!

Curious about what hooked me besides using them?  Check out



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