Umm...Time Travel and Super Heroes? You in?

Well, well, someone may have gone off their meds... 
 Perhaps, Marty from "Back to the Future" or some up-and-coming super hero could be looking for a new sidekick?  Seriously, the last option is a possibility.  This ad made me think of  the "Real Life Superhero's" and, though, fantasies of time travel  is just wistful thinking or a recreational drug induced thought for most of us, it might not be such a stretch for them.  
These men and women are serious about fighting crime throughout the world - often wearing capes.   No joke, this is an international organization where people get together to fight crime in full superhero regalia, often of their own creation. I watched the HBO documentary,  " Superheroes" recently and I was amazed.  It is something to behold, I tell you.  Trekkies have nothing on this group - I've watched a documentary on them too, and for the most part, they keep the costumes to the conventions.
Maybe it's me, but this group seems to be living in it's own comic based alternate reality and I'm pretty sure "space time continuum" might be part of the vernacular.  In any event, I'm confident the time traveler and superheroes would be fast friends if they don't know each other already.   I  happened to have had the pleasure of witnessing one of them directing traffic in midtown Manhattan a couple of days before Christmas.  He or she, I don't want to assume the gender, was dressed as Batman. Was he officially a member? I'm not sure because his ensemble wasn't very original.  However, the caped crusader was serious about his duties on the mean streets of New York, as he earnestly managed crowd control on the corners and kept tourists from stepping off the curb too soon and meeting their demise by speeding taxi's.  
In some ways, those Real Life Super Heroes are just like us.  Apparently, even crime fighters of Gotham need a good brew after a long day in tights.  Here is the link to the group's latest,  Superhero Pub Crawl.  I am not kidding, check it out.  Perhaps, the Super H pub crawl and maybe some tequila explains the time travel idea?  It's just a thought...
His real identity is secret. I think that is a wise move.
 Well, they might be just on the other side of my definition of sane, but isn't the prospect of being able to go back and  change a major or even minor life decision pretty compelling?   Perhaps, not as a sidekick to the pharmaceutically challenged author of the above classified ad, but don't you wonder, if you had that one chance to hop into that DeLorean or get whisked away by someone in a cape, what you would go back and change? Would it be personal  or would you go big and try to change history?  Can you imagine donning a costume to do it?  
I'm not sure I'd want to change anything, except maybe that really bad perm in 1985.  I would be too afraid of some bizarre domino effect.  I won't go into details, but it involves inventions falling into the wrong hands and armageddon.  Bad Hollywood movie all around.  See, it's freaky if you think about it. Besides, it might affect the four best outcomes of my life - my kids. So, no need to revise history for me.  I'd rather look to the future where I might actually have a better impact. 
It is a tempting offer if you leave out the weapons, though.  I mean really, after all, what the heck do you bring? I'm thinking...matches? A taser?  In any event, I would probably jump in for a little road trip to the museum of my past if given the chance just to dust off the memories.   As for the travel clothing, I'm thinking if I absolutely had to choose it wouldn't be anything too crazy.  Maybe....Cat Woman?  She's just enough villain to make it interesting. ;)  


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