The Un-Employment, The Farm Bill, The Abortion Rights: Are Human Services Issues

Hear Ye Hear Ye !!! The following debates, that are occuring right now as we speak, are all Human Services issues !

Stop,  throwing up that  green vomitt, with what the 1%  of the American People want.   While,  the 99%, of the American people are still waiting on Un-employment benefits,  and the Farm Bill, to be passed. This,not only affects crop productivity, but food for the un-employed  that are still looking for work.

Then, you talk about Pro-life, and the only part of this debate, is that Women,  bring children into this world without  enough food to eat. While, you sit back, create Bills, and attempt to "Distract" the 99%, about the Personal Agenda you are still having with the ACA bill already enacted into law.

My question to you is ??  WasThe HR-7 bill,  created  legislation,as a part of the covert- two chain "Stanken Action" of ALEC !  Whereas, corporations form alliances with ALEC, such as (Amgen,Alza,  GlaxoSmith-Kline) that are on your so called Human Services Committee.

Then you have Dell, AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, Wells Fargo, & Sallie Mae all saying they have disenfrancished with you, but are sending all of their jobs over-seas, paying them 1 cent on the dollar and gaining billions.

Your Personal Issues with Obama Care, have nothing to do with the 99%, of the American people, that continue to scape the bottom ! Hungry , Penniless, and still Waiting !!!

I would like the President, to address these issues, in the State of the Union !! That it is over-due for the 1% of Americans to get what they want !!!!


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