An Unbalanced Life's a secret. Right now
I am at work. No, I am not trying to slack, there just isn't enough
for me to do. This is incredibly frustrating. I
have no time at home and too much time at work.
I miss my
children terribly. I spend my whole
day with them getting them ready for School, ready for bed, ready for
dinner. There is no time for fun or playing. Of course there is the
weekend. Unfortunately that is the only time I have to clean. I spend
all my time doing these things to provide a good life for my
children, yet I feel that they, that
are missing out on the important things. Time is slipping away so
fast, and they are learning new words, making new friends, and
growing up. I am not there with them. Instead I am sitting here,
trying to fill minutes, willing time to go faster so that I can
already be home with them. Once I am home with them, I would like
time to stop, at least long enough for me to create a memory to hold
onto, one that doesn't involve preparation for time apart.

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