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Michelle Magoffin a.k.a. Peeved Michelle
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Opinions for Nothing

I wrote "Unbreakable" ten months after the worst year of my life. It took that long to be able to breathe again and see that I was going to be ok. People admired my strength and I never accepted it. I brushed it away, thinking, "What choice do I have? I am no stronger than anyone else." But, as I was recovering from the slings and arrows of 2010, so many bloggers I read were having their own issues with 2011. It was so bad for one that she attempted suicide while her children were in the house. It was after reading her posts that I was able to finally accept the admiration of others and to acknowledge that I am strong and that my strength and my awareness of it are core to who I am and the life I have built for myself. I hope that it will help anyone who reads it to admire their own strength and to be even stronger in the future.