The Uncluttered Lifestyle

Greetings, my name is Iesha and I'm glad that you could stop by for a visit. Here's a little bit about me... I'm happily married to a sweetheart of a man for 17 years now. We have a son who we love dearly. Other than that I'm just a down to earth girl who enjoys rooms filled with antiques and vintage items but hates the clutter that is often associated with it. Those rooms are pretty to look at, but for me there is no way I could exist in them. Clutter seriously drives me crazy. It brings me to a standstill and holds me hostage. I find it impossible to think straight when surrounded by clutter, whether its literal or figurative. So, my goal with this blog is to share how I surround us with the items we love, while keeping the "stuff" to a minimum. In fact, often times I use the antiques and vintage items to organize our home. I would love it if you came along as I try to balance filling our home with vintage finds all while staying true to our design aesthetic (which I'm beginning to think is slightly transitional) and my desire to not surround myself with "a lot of stuff." Once again thanks for taking the time to visit. Take care and happy blogging!