Uncomfortable, try Emptiness

You are uncomfortable with my tears how about my empty arms. I delievered two babies that are no longer here but talking makes it real, makes them real. Just let me talk about it becasue they were here and eveyone else gets to say their babies names. But oh no, cannot do that it makes people uncomfortable to hear about dead babies...but they were alive and they were mine. Why is others comfort level more important than my babies? I think spending too much time in comfort is not good for humanity it is in the spaces of discomfort that we become better humans. My babies were beautiful, wanted, were my future they just came too early. Kennedy and Langstan Lambert. She was my Joi with a spunky flair even in her isolette. He was my lil man in my arms until his last breath. You still uncomfortable or do you now see the life in my face as I tell you about the 37 days I spent by her bedside or the 1 hour I spent nestling him in my arms?  Can you see the joy with each tear of having carried them for 22 weeks seeing and finally feeling them grow inside me? Tears are the ways the heart & soul speak and mine have been so enriched with my babies life and death. Still uncomfortable? Try my empty arms! 



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