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My name is Linsey and I live in Seattle, Washington with my partner, Janie and our three (very bad) cats.

During the day I work in downtown Seattle. During the evening, I work hard for the money.

I grew up in Shoreline, Washington, located just north of Seattle. I spent my childhood days swimming in our backyard pool unattended, picking and eating strange berries, blowing things up with firecrackers, putting on elaborate lip sync concerts, playing Super Mario Brothers and watching entirely too much television.

I attended St. Luke Catholic grade school for eight years. While this in itself isn’t necessarily significant, the impact it had on my life and my beliefs is. I am not a Catholic. If you asked my mother she would say that I will always be Catholic. If you ask me, I never was. I spent the years here playing every sport imaginable, serving as an altar girl, kicking ass at four square and swearing on the playground.

I attended Shorewood High School where I wore too much flannel, played Varsity soccer, shattered my nose playing soccer for a league team (and had four surgeries to repair it), went on a date with a guy who wore way too much Joop! cologne, and suspected I might be gay.

After high school I entered college at the University of Washington. I began with a major in Biochemistry, switched to History, then Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, English and finally settled on Humanities, graduating after eleven (11) years of haphazard learning. I now possess a degree that qualifies me to do exactly nothing at all. In between classes over those eleven years, I did a lot of naughty things, birthing the Uncouth Heathen behind this website. I graduated in June of 2006.

In July of 2006 we bought a condo in Magnolia, just north of downtown Seattle, where homes cost more than the Louisiana Purchase. We spend much of our free time and money fixing the shitty remodeling job of the previous owners, two young guys with no knowledge of how to properly wire anything at all.

I like sushi, ginger ale, Meryl Streep and Las Vegas.

I don’t like guilt trips, waking up early, public restrooms or cooked peas and carrots.


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