The Undecideds: Could These Women Tip the Election?

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VIRGINIA: Emily, 31

Emily Undecided VA

What would make you decide? What is it you've been looking for to help sway you one way or the other?

An honest campaign focused on a personal agenda. I feel both candidates are smudging the truth about themselves and their opponents. I would also like to see a candidate/party who is respectful of the opponent, as that would show true character to me.

If you remain undecided, will you vote? Will you go to the polls and vote what you feel that day?

I will make a decision on Nov 6 based on all the information I’ve seen up until that day, and also going with my "gut."

Do you always approach elections as undecided?

In all elections, I keep an open mind and research the candidates before making a choice. Sometimes I make a decision quickly; other times I’m still deciding months or weeks before the election.

What issues are most important to you this election?

Economy, hands down.

Are you affiliated with a particular party? Why/why not?

I am affiliated with the Republican party; I was a Pennsylvania resident when I was 18, and (at the time) you were required to be affiliated with a party in order to vote in the primaries. When I moved to Virginia at age 22, I assumed the same thing was true and continued my affiliation. However, I consider myself a true independent.

Do you mind sharing how you’ve voted in the past?

I’ve voted Republican and Democrat for presidential elections and for Senate/local elections.

Is your partner/family, if applicable, also undecided?

My husband, family and extended family are all decided voters.

Anything else you’d like to say about the election?

If I can get on my soapbox, I have zero respect for either candidate or party. In a battleground state, I would estimate 80% of commercials on TV during the morning and prime-time hours are ads attacking the other candidate. I’ve watched the debates, done the research on what they are saying, and both of them give a version of the truth, merging the truth into what people want to hear. Both of them dodge the questions they are asked, trying not to offend anyone or lose a vote. They speak harshly at each other; they fail to acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments that they’ve both achieved. With regard to the way they and their parties have conducted themselves during this campaign, they have both proven to be poor role models for us and our children. If you take their campaigns at face value, the message is "make the other person look worse than you," and we shouldn’t vote someone to run our country based on this message.

Our country is on an unsustainable path, with regard to our debt and spending. We need a candidate who can say, "This is where we are. Let's stop pointing fingers at the people who got us here and/or who haven’t helped us recover fast enough and outline an honest plan of getting out of debt. We all know that requires a change to taxes and major cuts in spending," et cetera. Stop telling us what we want to hear, and tell us what we need to hear.

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