The Undecideds: Could These Women Tip the Election?

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COLORADO: Dana, 43

Dana Undecided Colorado

What would make you decide?

I wanted the debates to finish out their run before I decided. Sadly, I don't think they helped me much, because they seemed to end in a draw. So I have some figuring out to do. The VP debate was more interesting than any of the presidential ones, by far. Both Biden (leering giggler) and Ryan (man who sweats ice cubes) made me very, very afraid.

What is it you've been looking for to help sway you one way or the other?

Hard, specific answers instead of generalizations, pandering, and misinformation. As if that's ever going to happen. Ha!

If you remain undecided, will vote? Will you go to the polls and vote what you feel that day?

Dang straight. Women fought hard for that right, and I won't dishonor that struggle by not voting.I do mail-in ballots, because I hate to wait in line.

Do you always approach elections as undecided?

Almost always, and it's annoying. I'm never completely happy or in agreement with either party.

What issues are most important to you this election?

Interesting question. I was talking with my husband yesterday, and I said that women are often one-two issue voters, and in my younger years, I was, too. If you didn't support abortion, that would make up my mind. Hate homosexuals? Mind made up. As I get older, I find myself focusing less on single issues and more of the bigger plan for the nation. Maybe because I have kids now. But it makes my decision a lot harder.

Are you affiliated with a particular party? Why/why not?

I am a registered Republican, so I can vote in the primaries and try to get those freakshow Tea Party people out as soon as possible.

Do you mind sharing how you’ve voted in the past?

I voted for Obama in the past election, and pulled the lever for Clinton. If they hadn't saddled McCain with a ridiculous running mate, I would perhaps have voted differently.

Is your partner/family, if applicable, also undecided?

We both wait until the final week or so to decide, and talk (sometimes argue) about the issues that we think are most crucial to the nation and the future of our children.

Anything else you’d like to say about the election?

Republicans made a very bad decision to cozy up with the Tea Party. I feel frustrated because I don't think there is a place in politics for me -- I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative, so basically, I'm out of luck. We need a third party that can really appeal to the fringe voters who feel disenfranchised. And there are a lot of us out there.

Dana T. blogs at The Kitchen Witch.

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