The Undecideds: Could These Women Tip the Election?

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Shaun Undecided NH

What would make you decide?

I'm honestly not sure...I'm waiting for either candidate to say something that just hits home for me. It might be an economic issue, women's rights, foreign policy, etc.

What is it you've been looking for to help sway you one way or the other?

I want to hear a clear plan for the economy : How job creation will be helped, since the government cannot create jobs.

If you remain undecided, will you vote? Will you go to the polls and vote what you feel that day?

Yes. I have a write-in candidate that I've favored since 2008 (I'd prefer to vote for someone on the ballot before resorting to my write-in). I will make a decision prior to Election Day.

Do you always approach elections as undecided?

No, not always. I was pretty decided my past two election votes.

What issues are most important to you this election?

Economy. I am a young American working in the car industry with college debt. I am worried about my job, about my salary and it increasing to keep up with the food and gas increases (as well as other living expenses). I want to be able to pay off our debt, buy a house, have a second kid, and save for retirement...much like my parents have been able to do.

Are you affiliated with a particular party? Why/why not?

No. I've voted both Republican and Democratic in the past. I believe in smaller government and find myself leaning toward the Republican side on financial matters, but I also believe in social issues where I find myself more aligned to the Democrats.

Do you mind sharing how you’ve voted in the past?

I've voted Democratic, Republican in the past 2 presidential elections I've been eligible to vote for.

Is your partner/family, if applicable, also undecided?

My husband's decided on his vote, as are my parents and in-laws.

Anything else you’d like to say about the election?

I say this every year, and perhaps it hits me since New Hampshire is the first in the nation with our primary election: I'm sick of it. For the past year or so, I've been bombarded by politics. Not just on the TV but in the yard signs, rallies that disrupt my commute, and mailers. I wish they also focused on the positive and were less misleading in articles on their opponents.

Shaun McGahey blogs at Living With Peanut and tweets as @apnuttymama.

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