The Undecideds: Could These Women Tip the Election?

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COLORADO: Carolyn, 39

Carolyn Undecided Colorado

What would make you decide?

I need to do more research. I felt like I knew who I was going to vote for then I read a little more. I also will discuss some issues with close friends (non-judgmental) and get some feedback. There are two sides to every story, there are many different opinions.

I need to feel like I believe who I will be voting for, and that they believe in what they are saying and will carry out their promises.

What is it you've been looking for to help sway you one way or the other?

Again, belief. The debate this week helped. I felt like I saw something in one of the candidates that I hadn't seen before. A genuine idea, belief, thought, idea, of what they thought was good for the US and its citizens. Spelled out, not glossed over with stats, etc. Or not some canned response, or showboating.

If you remain undecided, will you vote? Will you go to the polls and vote what you feel that day?

I plan not to be undecided. When I vote, I vote.

Do you always approach elections as undecided?

This is my first U.S. election, and I wrote a post about it. (I became a citizen last year.)

What issues are most important to you this election?

In no particular order: Healthcare, education, the economy, national security, women's issues.

Is your partner/family, if applicable, also undecided?

Sort of, but he has been leaning one way all election.

Anything else you’d like to say about the election?

I just want people to research and vote. Have a voice. Let themselves be heard. One of the reasons I chose to become a citizen was so I could vote. I have two young daughters, and I want to be able to have a say in their future, in their country.

And you can't complain if you don't vote :)

Carolyn blogs at Hooked and happy. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Editor's note: BlogHer reached out to women of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities for their perspective, but we were unable to find undecided voters for this post. If you're interested in sharing your own thoughts, leave a comment or email email me -- I'd love to add your thoughts.


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