Bloggers Show Us What Beautiful Really Is - Part Two

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What do you consider beautiful? Drive? Strength? Tenacity?

Twelve bloggers announce a personal goal and, over the course of two months, report on their progress.  To help them reach their objective, they use Under Armour's goal-setting website, What's Beautiful.  The bloggers also try out new Under Armour Women's products and share how those items affected their performance.  Click on the posts below to follow their journeys.

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No Sweat, Folks. I’ve Got This.

I am two weeks into my Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge and shit’s getting real. Under Armour says: Let’s get this thing started. Okay, UA. Let’s go. (ICYMI, my What’s Beautiful goal is to run my first ultra-distance event: the Dirty German 50k on May 20th. That’s Saturday, in case you don’t have a calendar nearby. Which, as I’m writing this post is a mere 6 days away. No sweat, folks. I’ve got this.) And you know why I’ve got this? Because I’ve been training for it with a few necessary steps....more

Hiking to the Top

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are loving the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge! I thought it was a super cool program and am stoked to be partnering with them. It would be so freaking cool if one of you guys won the challenge! Go BTHR readers, go! You have joined in, right? And set your goals? How are they going? Have you completed any of the challenges? As you know from last time, my goal is to hike 100 miles before the end of 2012....more

Time for the Blinders

I remember when I was losing weight, and someone asked me how I stay focused. I tried describing the feeling of determination, and I finally just said, "It's like putting the blinders on--you just pick a goal and put all of your focus on it!" (Note: Before this post goes live, I am going to insert a post-marathon photo here, wearing my UA clothes--which hopefully will arrive in the mail before the marathon!)...more

Beautiful Goals Update

So, a few weeks ago I started working with Under Armour on their What’s Beautiful project, and I declared that my goal was to have a healthy pregnancy.In the spirit of ACTUAL accountability, here’s how I’ve been doing: Work out 3-4 times a week. Killed it! Since then, I’ve gotten my asthma under control and made it to CrossFit regularly. It’s tougher than normal but I’m really enjoying myself, and I’m so happy to have so much support when I’m bringing up the rear of WODs....more

My 5k Goal: A Work in Progress

Remember my Under Armour What’s Beautiful goal? Well, after making it my goal to break 21 minutes in the 5k this summer, I've wasted no time getting to work! Goals certainly don't achieve themselvesif they do, they aren't very good goals, in my opinion. :) As a distance runner, I've had to adjust my mindset in approaching this new running goal -- I'm definitely feeling a little out of my comfort zone....more

Staying in Shape Through Pregnancy: What to Wear in the Third Trimester

Friends, I have two words for you: compression gear. I think that’s the secret to running in relative comfort in the last trimester of pregnancy. You see, the other week I ran smack-bang into the realities of third trimester running – namely, ligament pain and contractions. Ouch. It kind of hurt. Micah and I walked (him)/hobbled (me) the last mile and half of the “run” and by the time we got home I was a little bit cranky. If I felt like that on race day, tears would be shed....more

Keep Climbing

In my last post for Under Armour’s What's Beautiful campaign, I told you I set out for a goal: To climb a rope. I declared it publicly and shared it with people at my gym. They know I have this in mind. They do not let me forget. “Hey Jersey, did you get on that rope yet?” “It’s more about technique than strength. You can do this. You WILL do this.” “Let’s get your shoulders strong and healthy. Build the pieces up.”...more

5k Training Update

I'm so glad I'm training for a 5k as part of Under Amour's What's Beautiful challenge. Now that my long runs aren't quite so long, I find myself not dreading humid mornings or worrying about fueling nearly as much. I also love that my weekday runs don't take me as long now that I'm running faster. It's definitely a nice change of pace (pun intended). The part of 5k training I like most, though, is the weight lifting component....more

Progress…It’s a Beautiful Thing!

Don’t you love when you can see actual progress and change? This is why I love recording all of my workouts. It’s great to be able to look back and actually see how far you have come. It is a great motivator to see progress and eventually the results you had in mind. Have you signed up for the What’s Beautiful challenge yet? How are you doing with your progress?...more

Preparing For The Mud: Run, Climb, Jump

I'm a little less than one month out from my first mud run and I'm doing my best to get prepared for it. I don't know if you really can prepare for a three-mile run full of unknown obstacles and lots of mud, but I'm doing my best. First, I've started talking up the run to my friends and co-workers. I think I have a good group on board to celebrate my birthday by getting muddy! Second, I've been mixing up my training and adding in some fun and different activities....more