Bloggers Show Us What Beautiful Really Is - Part Three

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What do you consider beautiful? Drive? Strength? Tenacity?

Twelve bloggers announce a personal goal and, over the course of two months, report on their progress.  To help them reach their objective, they use Under Armour's goal-setting website, What's Beautiful.  The bloggers also try out new Under Armour Women's products and share how those items affected their performance.  Click on the posts below to follow their journeys.

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Under Armour is also hosting What's Beautifula competition to redefine the female athlete.  The three finalists who've documented the most impressive, inspiring, monumental journeys will be declared the new faces of Under Armour. 

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What’s Beautiful: A Race!

Remember my #whatsbeautiful goal to break 21 minutes in the 5k? Well, it only took me a few weeks of training to realize it's sort of boring to work towards this goal without actually doing any 5ks. I mean, that's like buying a bag of chocolate chips without having plans for them! Before you know it, you've eaten a bag of chocolate chips and have no cookies to show for it....more

Staying in Shape Through Pregnancy: Be Happy With What You Can Do

A friend of mine suggested one time that when you enter a race or a competition, you should have three goals. The first goal is the perfect-day scenario where everything goes great, you feel awesome, the stars align, and you really are able to perform at the top of your game. The second is the, “Even if things don’t go perfectly, I think I can accomplish this” goal....more

Just Keep On Moving Forward

Why, oh why, did I pick the mother of all goals for my "What's Beautiful?" challenge goal? Reaching my super-duper goal weight of 133? I haven't seen that number since my jaw was broken. I was afraid to choose a running-based goal, because I knew my marathon would fall right smack in the middle of the challenge, and I had no clue how that was going to play out....more

Celebrating All of Your Achievements

When I first set out to join the Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign, I was deep in the midst of a hiking kick. I was having fun, I was loving seeing the countryside, and I was loving the sense of accomplishment I got with every mile I completed. So, naturally, I set my goal to be a hiking related one—to hike 100 miles before the end of 2012....more

The Gateway Goal

This is the third and final installment of my involvement with Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign. While I was initially sad to be done writing about this experience, I realized while I was thinking about what to say in this post, that really, these three posts are just the beginning of a new and exciting piece of my athletic and running life....more

Beautiful Goals #3

So, I started the Under Armour What's Beautiful challenge feeling kind of “meh” about staying healthy and fit during pregnancy. Sure, I WANTED to, but I wasn’t exactly driven about it. I was doing an okay job at it, but there were too many mornings I slept through my workout and not enough healthy meals. Writing down this commitment has been good for me....more

The View From the Top

Last month, I joined Under Armour’s What's Beautiful - a new initiative geared “to redefine the female athlete”. Women go on the site, announce a personal goal – it can be anything from running a marathon to deadlifting 300# to losing five pounds – and then document their journey by uploading pics and videos. So I went on and declared my goal on the site and to you all: to climb the rope......more

My Favorite 5k Training Workouts

My 5k race is this weekend! I am SO excited. I've had so much fun focusing on a shorter distance as part of Under Armour's What's Beautiful Challenge. If you haven't registered yet, I strongly encourage you to sign up for the What's Beautiful Challenge. Seeing what the other participants have accomplished really gives me the extra push I need to give it my all during my workouts....more

Never Give Up

With the summer heat settling in down here in the south, I am finding myself on the treadmill more and more. I don’t particularly like this fact, but I know it’s better for me. Not only will I be saved from a heat stroke, but I can better gauge my progress with my speed work to reach my Under Armour goal. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am going to reach my goal just yet....more

It’s Trail Time

It's time for another update on my progress towards achieving my summer racing goals! As a reminder, I announced last month that I am participating in the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge and running a 5K mud run on my birthday (June 16) and a 15K trail race on July 21. I think I've done all I can to get ready for the mud run. ...more