Conquer the Fear: $500 Under Armour Giveaway

Do you need a specific race or event to keep you motivated to workout? I’ve long enjoyed running so much that I only race a few times a year because that was secondary to simply enjoying the activity. However, I have to say there is something invigorating about selecting a challenge then focusing with all your mind, heart, and body on making it happen....more

The Problem With Quad Dominance & How to Fix It

Nicknames have always been a tricky thing for me. First, everyone wants to call me "Char" which I hate because it sounds so '80's and also, no, if I'm going to be a Bender I'd for sure be Air and not Fire. (Yes I know Air is taken. This is my fantasy, hush.) If you're going to truncate my name, call me by the last half -- Lottie. Or even "Chari" is preferable. Second, the only thing that rhymes with Charlotte is...harlot. Not good!...more