How Do You Define Bravery?

"You're so brave!" I never noticed how often people say this until I wasn't, well, feeling it. Ever since I announced my goal to run Warrior Dash, my first obstacle race, as part of Under Armour's What's Beautiful challenge, lots of people have been commending me for my bravery. (Well except one guy who patted me on the shoulder and said, "I've had lots of friends do it, and they say it's mostly hype.")...more

The Kick I Needed

Workout motivation is not something I have struggled with since I started doing it on my own, for my own reasons and not because a coach told me to…however, pushing myself harder and reaching new levels has certainly been an area needing improvement.The Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge came along at just the right time and has really inspired me to stick to my goals. In the last week, I have been pushing harder on my intervals, dropping race pace miles in to my long runs and GASP passing up frozen yogurt!...more