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Blount forced Trauma; Baby daddy strikes again

“For the protection of Deon” Nancy Kodama, Kid’s World Learning Center Cy-Fair

Those were the words that prompted me to pin this article. Hearing those words are what prompted me to wonder, once again about the well-being of my child; his best interest and his ultimate safety.

Why I would have these concerns, one might ask.

I visited Kid’s World Learning center this morning without invitation. I dropped in unannounced, because it gives me true and accurate assement of what is going on at school- without them being prepared for my arrival. I assumed there would be no problem with me checking on my three-year old, as I have done in the past at other facilities. Not to mention, I had ID and I am his biological mother. What I did not know is that Nancy would tell me my child was not there. However, I immediately sensed that she was a bit swayed. Now, I will give her all the credit for keeping it professional as she lead me to believe my child was not there, while she checked for authorization. She maintained her composure while looking me in the face and telling me that the reason I could not see my child was because he was not in school. I did not see how sincere she was until I reviewed my own (accidentally) recorded video of her telling me this. I thought to myself, poor baby-she really has no idea. -)

When I got back into my car to leave, I looked at the business card that I had taken from the front desk. I noticed they have video monitoring for parents. I think that is an awesome tool for daycares and I am such an advocate for it. I am familiar with the system they use as well as how to use it once you receive authorization to use it. So, I called Nancy back to ask if I would have to make an appointment to visit the facility. This is when defense came through over the phone. A mother’s instinct is 100%. Did I make Nancy nervous that I would be returning to take a tour? Because she certainly could deny me a tour if she did not feel comfortable with me. However, she didn’t. But because I know the position she was in, I did not return to take the tour. I know that it would only have them stressed out about where to put the child that she just told me was not there. If in fact, he was there of course. So I thanked her and hung up. The last think I would want to do is stress out the people who are caring for my child.

But oops! I forgot to request my access right to the video monitoring. I called Nancy back. Apologized for bothering her. I know that she’s between a rock and a hard place, having just met me and harboring the information baby daddy has obviously told her proceeded my introduction. Nancy did not want to play that game any more about Cornelius not being there so she resorted to her policies. She told me that she would like to speak with baby daddy first before giving me any additional information. She said it is “For the protection of Deon” As if I was an ax murderer. That was a concern to me because I felt as though there was no need to speak to baby daddy just to ask that. Unless of course baby daddy has fore warned her not to talk to me. It was plain and simple. She could not talk to me due to information she received from baby daddy.

I asked her if he has me listed as authorized. I wanted to have access to the monitoring. She hesitantly and carefully resisted answering directly. Instead she said that she needed to check with him before she is able to tell me. Now, I have had my child enrolled in daycare long enough to know that determining access is done upon enrollment. Which means, you know if someone has access or not. If you have to check first by making a phone call, it means they do not have access at the time and you are calling to see if they will grant access. In so many words, she told me I was not authorized as a parent. I did not have the authorization needed to visit my child, look at him on video nor call for information about him. Again, she was very pleasant in telling me, which is more than I can say about Children’s Lighthouse. But even lighthouse quickly figured out who the real assailant was. Can a Zebra hide their stripes?

All of this is a major concern to me. Why would a father hide a child from his mother who has never endangered her child? Why would a father not authorize access to a mother? How does a father profess continually to people that he has the best interest of his child at heart, when he continues to create barriers between the child and mother? It’s simple. He has to perpetuate this deceptive practice and keep people under the false perception. Unfortuinaly, every time someone new enters the equation, they have to learn. They only know what he tells them and that is totally understandable. However, I do wish people were a tiny bit smarter. My son’s father totes a default temporary order around as if it is law. He totes it as if we went to court and had a fair hearing and custody was determined based on me being a negligent parent. No one knows that this is not how he gained the recent temporary custody.

Some people don’t look further than the first page to see what’s really going on. This works against their common sense and again I understand. Statistic show that most people on average only have the capacity of an 8th grade education. Again, this is why I am not upset at the conclusions they often draw.

At the same time, some people have started to quickly identify the issues here. It is nothing more than a father attempting to separate a mother from her child, for his bitter purpose. People have started to realize that he will never recover from this illness, unless he exits denial and acknowledges that everything he’s doing is against the order of GOD.

This events of today reminds me again of the wonderfully written, How to Train Your Dragon II; Where Hiccups mother told him that some dragons are under the spell of bad people. You can’t really blame them.

Niedria D. Kenny

The D, is for Deon - same name as my son. The only child AKA Prince Cornelius; he's the Prince in "Prince Cornelius and his Magical Friends" a book dedicated to the life and growth of my child. 


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