underarmy: YAY for minty pits!

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I can't remember exactly when I first heard Jenny talking about her minty pits, but I do recall it getting my attention.  We were on the phone, and she was online, checking email maybe, when I heard her suck in all her breath and exclaim, "OMG, they're selling my deodorant again!  Minty pits!"

She then told me about the deodorant that Bliss makes that is minty.  And how when you put it on, it tingles and feels cool.  She said it lasts all day, never lets her down, and is totally worth the nearly $20 price tag.  "Is it clear, too?" I asked, because I bought some hippy stuff at Whole Foods that smelled okay enough, but I only used it once because it left white gunk all over the inside of my shirt.  (Say it with me now: Ewwwwwwwwwww!") 

She promised me that it was clear, that it works, and that I'd improve my life and overall happiness if I got myself some before summer came.  I put it off, because it's like three times more than I wanted to spend (four kids, single mom, a touch on the thrifty side), but when my last deodorant was totally used up, I decided to give underarmy a try.  It was worth at least an extra three dollars for the name alone, right?  

I went to the mall after work one night, because if you are a cosmetic Big Deal your clientele must work a little bit to get you in addition to paying extra.  Things are just that way sometimes.  I got to the mall and parked on the wrong side, the especially if you are wearing cute but not practical shoes wrong side, and started walking.  After passing every single store doing business in Stanford Shopping Center, I got to the place I needed to be.  I walked in and found the cosmetics counters and started looking for the bliss stuff.  Some lovely women helped me find the right place, but the only bottle of underarmy in the store was a sampler. So, I walked back to my car and drove around the way to another department store.  They were also out.  

Hmmmmm, I thought, Jenny is on to something.

The next day I got online and ordered myself some underarmy.  (And, another product that I might fess up to later.  Maybe.)  It showed up at my house on a hot, smoggy day.  I took the package to my bedroom and opened the box.  I gave it a little test roll on (in? over?) my armpit and started to laugh.  It IS minty.  Whoo.  But in a good way.  It's like an altoid for your armpit.  

Ok.  So far so good.  But I had a test in mind for this stuff.  One that no underarm treatment had ever passed.  Because, honestly, if I am going to pay $20 bux for deodorant, it has to be ten times better than the stuff that is a quarter of the price.  Look -- I know it's unfair of me, but underarmy is expensive and hard to get, so I needed a to present it with a big challenge in order to get the proper endorphin flow from my cosmetic retail therapy.  You know?  (You totally do.)

I have this top I love to pieces.  It's a three quarter sleeved hoodie, made of the thinnest cotton.  I have to wear a tank top under it, because it's that delicate (and see-thru).  It's got orange embroidered flowers along the neckline.  I HAND WASH it, and I don't hand wash stuff.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason, whenever I wear it, even in the wintertime, it gets . . . well, it gets grody-smelling under the arms.  Bad.  The other day, I tested the underarmy with that top.  It seemed fine all day, and sure enough, when I got home and took it off, I could not smell a thing.

I called Jenny right away.  "Hello?" she said.  "Jenny!" I said, "OMG, minty pits!"  

What are your summertime secret weapons? 


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