The Underground of Dating.

I've recently become a new divorcee, and thought I would give it whirl to sign up using a popular dating site.  Few of the things I quickly observed where that all guys started off their about me profile using action words like easy going, fun, loving, honest, loyal.  I come to realize that after endless searching that men & women write what they know will attract other people; let’s face it if we wrote what type of person we really were; only our mother would love us. I suppose this is not true to all, because there are genuine people out there that really do know how to love. The other observation that I found was the mix of men that were straight up looking to be aroused more than looking for a person to date, as well as men writing about women who do the same thing, just looking for attention.  Why are we so bored with who we are that we have pull out our other personality to pull it off? After learning from all passed life experiences, and you find yourself single or divorced after several months or years, is it time to ask; would you date yourself?  I would like to answer yes to my own question, but I think I need to evaluate my reasons as to why I won't choose somebody that chooses me; this should be an interesting journey.




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