Understanding Video Blogging: How To Build Your Video Community

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Jenny Ingram
You've created one, a few, or even many video blogs. You may have a good grasp of the basics... that good lighting and audio are key components to video production. You embed your videos onto your site and your readership is embracing this hip, multi-media side of you. BUT... the world of video is a different beast. How does one go from blogger to vlogger? Is embedding your video on your own site enough to really launch into the world of video blogging? Is it really worth the time and effort? How on earth does one acquire and grow an audience in the strange world of YouTube? The video blogging community is taking off, but engaging a video audience is different than how we do it with our blog audience. Our aim for this session is to focus on how to best navigate and operate in this brave new world, and discuss ways to grow and succeed the video space.